My name is Andrew, I live in Kirkland, WA. I am in love with the city but will take the country any day. I dig cds, but vinyl tastes better. Old school, New School both rock. Madonna is my hero and Michael is God! Love me, hate me, I will love who I am . Oh and I LOVE MEN! Dig it?
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High Top Fade 4ft x 2ft acrylic on canvas.
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If this isn’t the greatest hip hop snapshot of all time then it’s damn close…
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Something different.
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An Unpaid Bill

Happiness was something easy to 

attain like a photograph from a Polaroid

but the patience for the actual photo to 

appear is no longer available.

Loneliness is like the bill that is never paid off

and despite the work put into working off

that debt, it remains on a record deep in the

files of the mind with the knowledge that the payment

may never be paid off.

I’ve tried so hard to keep busy

work has become work harder

the dance is danceable but recreating

a flame that was burning bright

never was easy.

My journey gets harder as

friends become enemies

lovers are no where in sight

family is there but voiceless

"you’ll get through it" they say

but the statement is stifled with

my mind wondering “do you really give a shit?”

If this is life

I am not sure I can swallow another

bit for I am drunk on unhappiness

in spite of trying to re-discover

what made my eyes sparkle

and shine.

But here we go, its morning,

work clothes on, with a mask to


A big smile for the world

a lot of empty words spewed

for the enjoyment of others

all for the work of an unpaid bill

called loneliness so I can regain

the patience, the love and happiness

that filled me so much.

So here we go…..

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